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In SM Enginyeria we are highly qualified to carry In SM Enginyeria we are highly qualified professionals to perform energy certificates both existing buildings or new construction and give customized for each home or premises solutions to improve their energy rating.


Currently the energy certification is mandatory for homes or premises that sell or rent. The energy certificate allows buyers or tenants to know the energy needs the building will become an advantage or disadvantage against competitors. Therefore it can quantify the energy consumption and CO2 emissions and calculate the savings compared to other buildings.

What is our work?

Using the data provided did a pre-study to optimize the visit of the home or premises.

  1. Data collection on the site: measurement and study of characteristics of facades, floors, Covers, doors and windows, facilities,... Study of shadows.
  2. Calculating emissions and energy demand from field data.
  3. Study improvements
  4. Dealing with management